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Why I do what I do...What it is I even do in the first place...Who I even am...

Who am I?

I didn't really understand this until recently, but when you quit your job and start a business people start talking to you about your job more. I think we naturally find it interesting when someone attempts to break away from the normal nine to five, secure environment that traditional employment offers. And it's true it's a scary thing to do, but I think there's one thing that all people who have started a business have in common, and it's that they all kind of knew they were going to do it one day.

I've had quite a few requests to write this next blog on how I began training, what brought me to this point, and why I do what I do.


I'm Scott. I started training in martial arts when I was 5. My dad got me into it, he had to lie about my age as the earliest you could start Karate in those days where we lived was 6, but I was a big kid and my dad knew the instructor, ultimately I'm happy he did. I trained in Karate until the age of 11 at which point my dad started a small gym, in a building at the bottom of our garden. That's when training turned to Freestyle Kickboxing, and I really started to take interest. I dedicated my spare time to training, learning as much as I could and immersing myself in the world of professional kickboxing, it's all I used to look forward to and I watched everything I could find on TV. I started fighting full contact bouts at 15, won a Junior Welsh title by 16 and by 17 I had won the British Senior Full contact title with W.U.M.A , it was my life. I had a string of further fights and was doing well but University, moving to a new city and trying to figure out what I was going to do for a job, all kind of took over and I made a decision to stop fighting, which I still think to this day was the right one. Fast forward almost ten years and now I am teaching Kickboxing for a living, which brings us nicely to the middle bit.


I'm a Kickboxing instructor, I train people one on one or in small groups. I made a decision just over a year ago, to tear down the double garage at the back of my property and rebuild it as a studio gym, and that's what I did. I then quit my job, and threw myself headfirst into developing a programme in order to teach kickboxing my way.

The studio

The result is that I know have a 16 week programme, which repeats (with slight changes) ensuring anyone can learn the basics of Kickboxing in a safe and supportive environment. I'm also going to be competing again, and testing my programme out for myself. KickStart Kickboxing now has regular group sessions, and a number of private tuition students, all learning a martial art from the ground up.


So earlier in this blog I kind of skipped over 10 years of my life, from stopping competing at 19 to now owning and running a business teaching kickboxing. The "why" can be found somewhere in those 10 years. When I stopped fighting, I kind of stopped exercising, for the first time in my life. I had a solid year where I didn't even go to the gym, I didn't even go out on a single jog. And that kind of screwed me, I went from training and competing like a professional athlete, to sleeping late, partying and eating like a madman through my uni years. This all had a kind of knock on effect, and through the following 5 years, my general physical and mental health started to decline, I felt like I didn't have a purpose, and that I had squandered the best competitive years I had feeling fat and depressed. In hindsight, I actually quite enjoyed university, I cut loose for the first time in my life, I met my partner who I'm still with to this day, I broadened my mind in many ways, but once that was done I really should have got straight back at it. So why now, and not then? Well to be honest, there are a number of reasons. I really tried hard to make the traditional employment route work, and I had a number of really promising jobs, but I just wasn't suited to it, 9-5 kills me.


Secondly, circumstance, I had recently bought a house with my partner and it came with an outbuilding that was kind of perfect and I jumped at the chance to build a studio gym. Over the past 2 years I had managed to motivate myself back into exercising and dieting again, and had become consumed by articles about the latest training and diet methods. Most importantly though, my partner convinced me to do it. I can't stress this enough, there would be no Kickstart Kickboxing unless she had sat me down, told me to do it, and then supported me through every step of the build, she is my partner in life and in business.


Basically there are two "why" questions... Why I started KickStart and why I do what I do. Well I started KickStart because I needed to make a big change in my life, it's that simple. Why I do what I do, is more about the people I train now, I have some amazing before and after stories coming soon, showing what learning Kickboxing has done for my students, I don't think I'm ever going to stop teaching it, it's the purpose that was missing for a while. I took 10 years out from caring about my mind or my body, and somehow I managed to pull it back, I think it's important that people feel that they can do the same, and I want to dedicate my life to helping them.

Peace, Love and Hard Work.


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