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To Blog or not to Blog?

So...blogging. I've never been too sure about blogs, they always seemed to be things on the far reaches of the internet about home design or gardening tips, written by creative people in trendy apartments in New York, or that was at least my limited opinion on the matter. Having recently opened a business, I've had lots of people suggest I blog on my website for all manner of reasons; like "it's good for SEO if you include all the right keywords" Ok, well if KickStart Kickboxing wants people to find KickStart Kickboxing in Cardiff and having the word Kickboxing or KickStart or Cardiff on the KickStart Kickboxing website as many times as KickStart Kickboxing can manage to do it will help then sure, I guess that's a decent enough reason....Kickboxing.

Another piece of advice I was given as to why Blogs are useful is that "it will allow you to get things that may be swimming around in your head out in written form and this is good for your mental health". Well, this is now starting to sound more appealing, I like writing things down, and I like my mental to be healthy; my only question here is, is Blogging the only way that I can achieve that? I'm not sure it is. Which brings me to the big question...


We like to do things differently here at Kickstart and I'm going to do just that by starting with the answer... I'm probably going to go with Vlogs. I've always found watching video, or listening to audio more inviting, I'm not particularly sure why, I think it's maybe because I like to keep myself busy and often don't have the time to sit down and read one long drawn out opinion. This brings me nicely to the main reason I even considered writing a blog, "It'll help you connect with people". And I suppose for anyone who has stumbled across this post and read up until this point it may very well do that, however, I think you can get so much more across in a video in a shorter space of time. The counter argument to that however, is that it takes time to create a video, in my line of work which is private tuition and small group kickboxing sessions, I find it difficult to concentrate on coaching when I have to grab my phone every other second to capture the right photo, or take a video, but my suspicion is that if I did then the end product would be worth it.


In conclusion, I guess I'll just do both. I actually have enjoyed writing this, it has helped get a few things out of the old brain box which is always good and I think it's given me a few ideas. Keep an eye out for future posts and let me know what sort of content you'd like to see from the club!

Peace, love and hard work.

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