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Hey folks! So here's a workout, that you can do at home which combines some of the HIIT exercises we have been doing with the basic combinations 1 - 10. So for each exercise, you should complete one HIIT rep followed by one combination rep, for exercise 1, you should complete a squat, followed by combination #1, until you have completed 10 reps of each.

1. 10 x Squats with combination #1 (Jab, Straight Cross)

2. 10 x Burpees with combination #2 (Jab, Back Uppercut)

3. 10 x 10 High knees with combination #3 (Jab, back Hook)

4. 10 x Star jumps with combination #4 (Jab, Jab)

5. 10 x Up Down Planks with combination #5 (Straight Cross)

6. 10 x Switch Squats with combination #6 (Straight Cross, Front Uppercut)

7. 10 x Rope climbs with combination #7 (Straight Cross, Front Hook)

8. 10 x Mountain Climbers with combination #8 (Straight Cross, Straight Cross)

9. 10 x Sit Ups with combination #9 (Front Hook)

10. 10 x Sit Ups with combination #10 (Back Hook)


After each updown plank on exercise 5 - stand up to your fighting position, complete the rep, and return to the floor to complete the next updown plank, repeat until 10 reps complete.

Treat exercise 9 and 10 like the sit ups to punches you have seen in the recent videos.

With Rope Climbs and high knees, treat each knee raise as a rep.

Switch squats can be quite difficult and heavy on the knees, so if you are struggling to jump between positions, simply slow the exercise down and do each leg at a time, nice and controlled.

Thanks, and good luck! Scott

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