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It's that time of the year again, where the mood is different. People are motivated and determined and willing to do things differently in order to achieve their goals. And so are we. I've been thinking recently about how my mind works, why it works the way it does and whether or not there is a way I can make it work for me this year. So here goes, Scott's mind journey of mysteryyyyyyy...


I don't know what this is about, but ever since I was a kid, I like to have everything nice and orderly. I would regularly reorganise and move around my bedroom furniture, deep clean and feng shui that place like I was some interior design prodigy (Reality: it was pretty basic, I didn't have a ton of stuff). I would organise all the books, video games and ornaments on my shelf by size and colour. Now most people would be like "hey, that's OCD" and perhaps it is in some form, but the funny thing is, I wouldn't really be that fussy about it, over the next few weeks or so, it would all fall into disrepair (although I would keep everything tidy, I'm not an animal) and so would begin the next cycle of moving my bed to a different part of the room, reorganise the furniture, the shelves and deep clean. I've asked myself a lot as an adult, WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ABOUT? When I moved out I lived in house shares, and a year after I met my current partner who I've been with for almost 10 years, and we basically have shared a room since, so I haven't really repeated the behaviour, I don't imagine she would be best pleased if she came home once a month to her bedroom back to front. Now we have a house and we have essentially renovated each room to the highest standard we can get it whilst doing the work ourselves, and I'm extremely proud of what we have achieved, but I have this little itch to redesign, redecorate and reorganise EVERYTHING and I think that it is somehow related. We'll come back to why this is important in a little bit.


So when I was competing, it was almost like I had two modes, "in camp" and "out of camp" or as it was more commonly known "two for Tuesdays... every day" I fell foul to the common mistakes that fighters make in between fights, I would eat more, train less (Now granted there wasn't a lot of time between camps, 2-3 weeks tops before I would book another fight) and it kind of became a real habit. The training was so hard, and the diet was so strict between fights that I would start looking forward to what I could eat once it was done. Why am I telling you this? Well, I think it has something to do with my first point, the beauty of fighting competitively is the reset, hitting the refresh button each time you take a fight, it's such a serious thing to do, that once you make the decision, it's like everything starts again new, and you CANNOT slack off. For those of you reading who compete in combat sports, yes I know, camp should never end, I should always be in shape and ready to take a fight on little to no notice, but that wasn't what happened. This bit is also important, and I swear I'll tie it all together shortly.


To reiterate the point I've just made, there shouldn't be any particular month in which you try harder than other months (no matter what part of life this applies to), you should really try and strive to get some sustainable balance in your life, but I've always been the same, I get to January and my brain changes. This particular January I've had this sort of "they have no idea what's coming" sort of mentality going on, and I have had to kind of rein myself in. In this particular instance it applies to my workout regime, I have been building up to hitting another level with the frequency and intensity in which I train personally. It also applies to the gym, I would love to grow the numbers and hit self set targets on what I want to achieve this year, but why should that be affected by the simple fact that it is the start of a new year? Well the main thing to consider is that this time of year is kind of infectious, the fitness industry has more new people participating in this month than any other, I personally have seen a huge difference in the level of people attending classes and it's easy to get caught up in it. My only worry is that the level of intensity that people apply to things like diet and exercise at the beginning of the year is often not sustainable for the whole year, it certainly hasn't been for me in previous years.


I think the behaviour that I've been thinking about from when I was a kid, and observed about the habits of adults isn't shocking in any way. It's makes perfect sense that we all respond to fresh starts, to resets and new beginnings, life revolves around them. From the time you start attending school as a kid, you have levels, you start a year, you get a break in the middle and then you finish the year, you get a really big break and then the next level starts. When you get a job, you begin, sometimes you stay, sometimes you quit, and you go through a whole process of restarting your life. You enter into relationships, they begin, if you're lucky they last, but for most people they go through many endings and beginnings, each of them feeling like a fresh start in life. This thing I've been trying to figure out about myself, this desire and habit of reorganising, of resetting parts of my life, they are kind of drilled into us from very early in our lives, and they are always based on making positive decisions to improve your life in some way. I truly think that it's important to keep things fresh, to rethink how you are doing things, whether or not they are working for you and what you could be doing better and here's the key bit, don't fight against the times where society forces you to do that. It's January, it's a new year in a new decade, we're in the roaring twenties, that seems like as good a reason as any for a fresh approach. As always, I'll sign off letting you know, if you're thinking of starting something new, do it. If you want help, come to me.

Peace, love and hard work.


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