I TURNED 30! What happens now?

It's been a while since I've done one of these, but I want to start doing them a bit more regularly. Let's start with the obvious, COVID SUCKS. The disruption to business in general but especially small businesses like mine has had an effect that we still haven't seen the full fall out from. Through full lockdowns, online coaching, on off - who knows what's happening weeks and months it's been very uncertain as to what would happen. The past few months have been great for business though, as things start to relax in the summer months, more and more people are interested in find a new and exciting way to work out. I think there has also been a shift in people's attitudes, as we have been more and more restricted, more people are willing to finally try things they have been meaning to try for a while and maybe didn't have the motivation or courage to begin. The club seems to be on the up, and while I don't know what the future holds, I'm optimistic and feeling positive.

One thing that was inevitable however, lockdowns or not, was my 30th Birthday, like Godzilla on the horizon, stomping uncontrollably, unstoppably towards me, and then before I knew it, I was lizard food. I mean the metaphor is slightly harrowing but to be honest, in reality, it's been fantastic. So many people gave me the whole, "ooooo big 30, how do you feel?" But I couldn't wait to be 30, it was happening either way, and when I'm presented with those types of dilemmas, I like to adopt an excited approach. My fiancé surprised me with a trip to Edinburgh, somewhere I've wanted to go most of my life, and it was perfect, an amazing city, fantastic weather and wonderful company. Then when I arrived back, a garden party with my closest, with the gym in the background. I made sure I took it all in and appreciated every moment of it, being 30 has beaten every other year hands down. One question has been niggling at me though, what's next?

I'm not the type to go week to week without setting goals, sometimes they are small, sometimes they are big. I've set myself some new goals, and I have done one thing differently, something I think must have come with a little more maturity, I've asked for and accepted HELP. I've wanted to be better with social media, with creative projects like my podcast and instructional videos, but I had a block, something was stopping me from doing it, a spot of anxiety related lack of confidence maybe, a natural fear of not knowing how to do it well perhaps? Who knows, the only thing I know is that I was doing it on my own, this time, I wont. I want this to be something that incorporates and includes my clients, and provides some content that isn't just (hopefully) fun to watch or listen to, but something that gives people some real value, advice and instruction. Either way, I'm going to have fun with it and hopefully people will get something out of it. If not, I guess I'll shout into the void for a while.

Peace, Love and Hard work


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